The Wish Foutain

Think carefully about your wish. Then click on the coin to throw it into the fountain.

Coin your coin has been thrown. We wish you that your dream comes true.

The wish fountain


You've probably already heard about them, these are fountains that have, supposedly, the ability to grant your wishes. Generally you have to simply throw a coin into it.

One of the most famous magic fountains is the "Trevi Fountain" in Rome, Italy. But there are many others around the world, some famous, some secret. Sometimes the fountain has a thematic, like 'Love' for example. But generally all kinds of wishes can be made.

Luck Fountain


Some popular beliefs

Since the dawn of time, humans have had superstitions. Some that seem to have foundations and others that are more or less strange.

Here is a list of widespread beliefs.

Each country, each region, each culture has its own beliefs. Thus, the wishing fountain is far from being isolated among the superstitions that can be found in the world. We wish you that your wish will come true.