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Yesterday evening I was in my bed thinking about what I could do the next day, Sunday. Since I'm single, sometime I'm a bit bored during this non-working day. Then came in my mind a funny idea: What if I use the wheel of fortune to make all my choices during the whole day. This made me smile and I just fell asleep like a baby.

Let start the game

Today, I wake up in a good mood, jump out the bed and go directly on my computer. I just type '' in my favorite browser and click on the 'Wheel of fortune' in the menu. It's still difficult for me to open entirely my eyes, but I am ready for the experience. The first thing I do every morning is going to the toilets. I spin the wheel of fortune online and the answer is negative. I will have to refrain myself a bit...

Here I am now in the kitchen ready to play my breakfast. Without it I can't really rise from the world of the dreams.

Tea ? : No.
- Coffee ? : Yes.
- Chocolate croissant ? : No.
- Yogurt ? : Yes.
- Eggs ? : Yes.
- Bacon ? : No.
- Fruits ? : Yes.
- Kiwi ? : No.
- Apple ? : No.
- Banana ? : Yes.
- Fruit juice ? : No.

This menu is not so bad. It seems that the lucky wheel takes care of my health.

Once my breakfast finished, I ask again the question about the toilets because I really want to go. But the answer is once again negative. So I ask about a shower and the wheel reply 'Maybe'. I'm taking my future in hand and jump under some fresh water.

I'm now all clean. I know you know what I ask again and this time it's positive. I don't know how I would have reacted in the opposite case...

Here I am, ready to start this Sunday with a load of positive energy. I need to find an activity now. Let's ask the fortune wheel:
Go for a walk in the park: No.
Go to the banks of the river Thames(I am currently in London): Yes.
That's a good idea, I need some fresh air to wake up totally.

It's now a good 30 minutes that I'm walking next to this beautiful river. I start to get bored. Maybe you will think that I eat a lot but I miss the morning chocolate croissant. The wheel of fortune feels the same way. It makes me happy and now I'm looking for a bakery. I find one, it is a coffee shop too. An espresso after my short walk would be quite welcome. You understand, I love this energizing drink. So much that some weeks before I had to limit myself because I was consuming too much. Maximum two per day is normally my new rule. I know in advance that I will drink another one after eating, so I should not order one now, but hey, it's Sunday and then it's part of the game. The wheel of fortune validates immediately my desire. So here I am on the terrace, and I am looking for a new activity. I could visit a friend. Let's see what the wheel of fortune says:
- Peter ?: No.
- John ?: No.
- Robin ?: No.
- Mark ?: No.
I'm a social guy but I don't have a hundred friends I can bother on Sunday morning... Let's try with girls:
- Jennifer ?: No.
- Lucy ?: Yes.

Wheel of fortune

It's been a while since I've met this friend. Let's try to send her a message, I have nothing to lose.

The answer arrives 3 minutes later. Lucy writes me that she is very happy to hear from me and would be very glad to see me. She invites me to join her now.

She lives on the other side of the city. London is a big city but on Sunday morning there's not so much traffic. Half an hour later I am in front of her building ready to ring the intercom. I go up to the seventh floor using stairs because the elevator is broken. The door is open, I say a big "Hello" and enter. Lucy is still in pajamas and welcome me with a big smile. We exchange a few words and then comes the fateful question: "Do you want a coffee ?". I feel a little embarrassed and explain to her that today I decided to make my choices only using the wheel of fortune online. Lucy is intrigued and quickly interested. She thinks that the idea is very good and also wants to play. That's how I drink my third cup of coffee.

We are talking half an hour and then the discussion begins to go down. It's time to find another activity. Lucy says she would like to go to watch the new David Lynch movie that has just been released. The wheel of fortune gives us a positive immediate response. My friend is going to dress and then we are on the way to the nearest cinema.

The movie is very good and two hours later we leave the theater with a strange feeling (The same I always have with Lynch movies). We are now hungry, and we decide to eat at the restaurant. But which one ? The wheel of fortune will allow us to make the choice.
- A Chinese: No.
- A Greek: No.
- A Lebanese: No.
- A vegetarian: Yes.
This is very good because right now I'm trying to eat less meat. I'm not sure why and this is not the good place to speak about it. The only thing is that generally, this kind of restaurant is more expensive than the average. I can't understand why. But it doesn't matter, let's go !

The meal is delicious and we have very interesting conversations. The more I spend time with Lucy, the more I feel close to her. I didn't remember that we had so much in common. To tell you the truth I can feel some attraction now. I don't know if she feels the same.

We spend the rest of the day together, letting the wheel of fortune choose for us. We went, for example, to the museum of miniatures, something that I never thought I will do in all my life. When the night comes it's time to separate, tomorrow work will begin again. Obviously we ask the wheel of fortune what she thinks of that and the answer is negative. Here we are in a strange situation, but we are really into the game. So we search for another alternative than going back in our respective homes. After a series of negative answers, the wheel affirms that we have to stay together.

Half an hour later, we are in my apartment. We have some exciting conversations and time passes little by little. I'm sure you want to know what is the last question we make to the wheel of fortune. Here it is: "Shall we kiss each other ?".


I hope this small fictional story made you smile. If it gave you ideas do not hesitate. Of course, never ask for things that could be dangerous, you're not stupid.

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