The love tester

The love test

Love is soft, elusive, incomprehensible, captivating, powerful ... This feeling seems to be able to be every thing at once.

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A bit more about the true Love Test

We watch the full moon every time we can, just at the top of the hill. If you know what you're looking for, then the love fortune teller will understand you. The moon can disappear then you will forget it for a while. If you see two sun then maybe you have reached a new part of the world and it's time to begin a travel to love.

Don't we try another time each new day? That's how we are made as sure as we live and love.

The love tester is certified by the Company of Hysteric Role In Social Trouble. It's made of a big metal piece but hang a crystal inside, so please use it with precaution.

But perhaps you think we cannot calculate love...(AND YOU ARE TRUE !!!) It's more than a love meter, this is the love machine !

Desire and Heart

Live Informations for Buenos Aires true lovers.

Don't hesitate to try different places. You can come back after. The most important is not to be bored. Think about having fun all the days and all the nights. There is certainly somebody waiting for you. Even if it's for a short time, love will certainly be at the rendez-vous.

Search where the vibe is friendly. Please make sure that the dogs are not barking at night.

Special Information for Budapest real lovers.

The love tester isn't afraid by cold. Don't drink too much hot sparkling wine. Find the place, it's huge and you will need more than a night to discover it entirely. That how is made this town when sun goes down.

Just take your friend's hand, and feel the electricity.

Special Information for NiGht lover

The love tester can provide light. If the moon is full then you don't need to do nothing except to embrace your friend. If there is no moon just follow the lighthouse. In all cases don't forget your friends, that's the most important part.

Special Information for MeXican LoVer

The love test likes you anywhere you are. It can be plugged directly in Mexico DF biggest tower and in Playa del Carmen sand. If the Caribbean sea is more than 30 degrees, it's a good idea to go swimming in the morning. If there's an hurricane please hide the love tester in a safe place (and yourself at the same time).

The last question is: Que onda ?

Special Information for Outer spAce LoVe

As you know it, there is no season in space, and sometimes there is more than one moon. So everything is becoming very difficult to understand. In addition, the main part of time there is not so many persons in a space shuttle. So don't loose time using the love tester and go have a break with your space traveler friends !