The fortune cookie

You are in a Chinese restaurant. It's the end of the dinner and the food was delicious. The waiter brings you a coffee and a small biscuit.

The fortune cookie

Click on the cookie to get your fortune

A bit more about the fortune cookies

There are many different kinds of fortune cookies.

How to make fortune cookies

So what about our fortune cookies ?

They are just a mix of all that and maybe more.

Our fortune cookie secret recipe

As our recipe is secret you will understand that we cannot reveal you all the components.

But we can give you a part of them as you can understand the complex elaboration of a fortune cookie.

You will find below a short list of important things to use.

How to make fortune cookies

Here is just a little part of ingredients we are using.

What's new ! ?

Many people asked us what was the daily life of our favorite cookies. So, let's follow them on a regular day, and see what happens.

Fortune cookies life : The lunch

On the picture below you can see two fortune cookies at restaurant for lunch. We don't want to say too much, but you can imagine that it is a romantic moment. The fortune cookies are like you and me : They can fall in love. They like to travel and are all around the world. This two lucky ones are just sitting at a table in Playa Del Carmen.

Who was thinking that the Caribbean sea was not the good place ?

Fortune cookie restaurant

Fortune cookies life : The dinner

Don't think that fortune cookies are always at restaurant ! But for sure, this is a place they love to be. On the picture it's not very clear but one of the fortune cookies is telling the other 'I like your beautiful eyes, baby'.

If you want to know what happened after the restaurant, I will reply that the intimacy is important and that I can not tell you everything. But for sure, this evening there was a really nice sunset over the sea. The air was hot and wet. The seagulls were flying slowly in the sky. At one moment, it was possible to believe that paradise exists.

Fortune cookie restaurant 2
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