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Life, love and fortune

Each new country is a new world. Each new town is a new feeling. Each new village is a new life. Each person has something special which makes him different from all the others.

The fortune teller travels in two different ways: From one place to another (the physical world) or from one reality to another (the psychical world).

The more exist different ways of thinking and acting, the more you will be able to approach wisdom and freedom. You could think that being fulfilled with too much knowledge may transform your brain in a big gray matter, but that's not true. You will have to choose what you really want and at the end you will be yourself, more powerful than ever.

The fortune teller is a free online fortune reading game. You just have to listen quietly the medium.

The story of Jasmine

The fortune teller childhood

In her youth, Jasmine and her family were part of a nomadic clan. They were traveling from plain to mountain in an endless trip.

Her mother was a clairvoyant and her father was training horses and had medium abilities too. Jasmine was really a sophisticated young woman. She was sharing with her grandmother the taste for beautiful clothes and nice makeup. But she knew also how to ride a horse to lead a huge herd of bison.

Understanding the magic

She was always attentive to her environment. It was changing constantly as she was moving from one place to another. So she learned to recognize the different signs that life was dispensing.

Her sister taught her to understand birds. Her brother explained to her the coyotes language. She learned from coyotes to speak with turtles. The birds taught her to understand snakes. The turtles trained her to talk with clouds. At the end she was able to understand every part of life form around her. Her capacities were increasing every day. And little by little she developed the gift of fortune telling.

The psychic and the travel

Time to leave, time to live

One day Jasmine said goodbye to her tribe because she was now adult and wanted to go further. She was looking for new adventures that she could live by herself.

So she went away to discover other parts of the world, accompanied by her brother and her sister. She traveled like that for 4 years. She loved like never before. She dreamed like she was in paradise. She touched the powerful heart of the world and felt the life growing inside.

The wolf, don't be afraid

One evening as every evening Jasmine, her sister and her brother are setting up a camp. The sister shells beans that later she will boil in water. It is not the best food on earth but it will be enough energy to go on the next day. The brother takes care of the horses. These animals always need some care when traveling. Jasmine is looking for firewood. All fortune tellers are expert in the art of making fire, it's a part of the job.

She is walking quietly in the direction of a small grove when she suddenly perceives a strange noise, a kind of unusual crackle. She doesn't stop walking but listen carefully. Then suddenly she hears a voice.

- "I know that you noticed me and I'm not going to follow you stupidly. So I wish you a good evening."

She turns around and sees a wolf in the sunset.

- "Good evening, wolf. As you are speaking directly to me I will not have doubt about your psychic abilities."

- "You are true. You know, that's not the first time I meet a human with which I'm able to have a conversation using the wolves' language. It happened to me 3 years ago. It was with a man who have the same mark as you, up your left eye."

- "I think I know who you are talking about. This man is Max, my uncle."

- "Exact, he is a great man. We worked together on a new special healing process. We have been able to unite our knowledge in a positive and creative way. He is a great fortune teller too, who is able to see the future with ease. And the cubs love him because he is a good joker. Do you know what is he doing now ?"

- "I met some people who told me he was in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. And some others told me he was in Bangkok, telling fortune in a place next to On Nuts district."

- "It seems that he still likes to travel. And you, where are you going ?"

- "To the south, near a city called Kampot."

- "In about twenty kilometers you will be facing a ravine. Take the small path on the right of the big mountain for ten minutes, then there's a small way going down and you will be able to cross the cliff."

- "Thank you so much for this information. Now I need to collect kindling because it's nearly the night."

- "Wait, take this bone. If you are lost, just spin it and it will give you the right way."

The wolf gives a small bone to Jasmine that she puts in her pocket. Until that day, when she doesn't know where to go or when she is lost, then she is using it.

The next day

The sun is rising and it's time to hit the road again before it becomes too hot.

A coffee, which has a terrible taste, will be the only breakfast this morning. The group is progressing slowly under a hard sun. The scenery is majestic, it makes you feel really small. Time is passing and the only living beings around are vultures and rattlesnakes.

Finally, they arrive in front of a precipice that is not possible to cross.

Jasmine, has told her brother and sister about her meeting with the wolf. So she does not need to speak and borrows the way that goes on the right. Then, a few tens of minutes later, she takes the small path that goes down. Of course, when you're part of the Canis lupus family, the trail may be easy, but not when you ride horses with plenty of luggage. But the little family doesn't have an other choice so they go on the perilous way down slowly and finally they arrive at the bottom.

It's time to have a break. The horses drink in the river and the humans take the opportunity to cool off. The sister proposes to take a nap before climbing the other side, a suggestion that is welcomed positively by everybody.

When fortune reading is needed

After one hour, the small caravan wakes up. They cross the river easily. Luckily it is not the rainy season. They start to climb but a few minutes later, they are in front a new problem. The path separates in two. It is impossible to know which direction to choose.

The brother expresses that he thinks it is better to take the right because a little further we can see bison's footprints. So the animals may know the best way. The sister affirms that the good direction is on the left because there's a stone with a magic symbol which is supposed to mean "rising sun". Jasmine doesn't know which way to go. So she takes out her magic bone and suggests using it. They all agree. The small object turn several times and finally indicates the left. So the group starts again to walk, and they finally reach the top two hours later.


This story is obviously a fiction, but we can make two conclusions:

Means of transport

You can travel in many ways. Here are different manner.