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First of all you have to empty your mind. Think clearly about your (which accept a yes or no answer) and just write it below.

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About the pendulum

The dowsing was for a long time associated to the water finders who use rods (famous divining rods) to find groundwater currents. With the evolution of its use, various applications have emerged, like the divination pendulum.

Goals transform a random walk into a chase. Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

How to use the pendulum

You have to hold it carefully between two fingers. Then just think about a question. You have to concentrate and formulate it as the answer can be yes or no.

Then the pendulum can stand still or begin oscillating in a direction.

If it doesn't move, that means that it doesn't know.

If it turns clockwise then the answer has a positive tendency.

If it turns in the other sense, then the answer is negative.

If it's going left to right, this mean a really strong positive answer.

If it's going backwards to forwards then it's a strongly negative answer.

The pendulum

A history about agriculture

One day, long time ago, a woman, Natalya, has problems with her garden. She is tired with fighting against little hungry animals that are thinking it is a free vegetable supermarket. She is talking with a friend and explains her troubles:

"Three years ago, I planted carrots and they were all eaten by rabbits. Two years ago I planted radishes and they were all eaten by mice. Last year I planted zucchini and all of them had been attacked by birds. This year I would like to plant again these varieties but I do not know how to make sure that I will not have the same problems."

The friend replies:

"Maybe you should adopt a cat. It's the animal you need in this case."

Natalya takes two minutes to think then says:

"But I will have to take care of it. I never had pet before. It's a bit like kids."

But this time the friend has nothing to answer. The old woman has to make the decision by her own.

This night the gardener was not able to sleep. She can't make a choice. So at 3 o'clock in the morning she switches on the light, opens a drawer and takes the pendulum that is inside. This is the ultimate solution she is using when she is too indecisive.

She asks her question and then wait a bit. Little by little, the fortune telling pendulum begins to turn in the positive direction, meaning that it is a good idea.

The next day our protagonist goes to see a neighbor whose cat had kittens and comes back home with a funny and cute little animal. The day after she goes to the garden and brings her new friend. It begins to run in all directions and has fun with everything. It's totally normal because it is young.

After a time, the cat gets bigger and is able to hunt mice. But the true is that it is not able to make run away all the various creatures that were eating the delicious vegetables. Despite this, the woman doesn't regret her choice because the friendly feline is really cute and spending time with it is pleasant. And even sometimes, the intelligent animal seems to understand her with its big, green eyes. So the zucchini is less important because she feels less lonely.

The pendulum and human history

On the 20 July 1969, Gilbert Moon is a little depressed and feels lonely. His wife, Julia, is on a scientific expedition in a far away country. She gives him no news, not because of negligence, but simply because there is no telephone where she is (There is no smartphone in 1969).

As usual, when he is in this state of mind, Gilbert goes to have a drink. Here he is in his regular pub and he begins to speak with the bartender about his problem. This guy knows everything, a part of his work is to listen to customers. So he has lots of knowledge and solutions. That's why he suggests something: To ask a pendulum.

Gilbert is first a bit septic. He is married to a scientist, so normally he doesn't pay attention to these esoteric things. But today his wife is not here, so he can express his own wish. So, after a second beer he asks to try this magic object to be reassured.

The bartender opens a door behind the bar, disappears one minute and comes back with a pendulum in his hand. He explains Gilbert how to use it and this one makes this simple question:

"Tell me if my wife, Julia Moon, will return from her long expedition soon because I really start to feel depress alone."

Quickly the magic pendulum begins to turn in a positive clockwise direction which means that it will actually happen.

The lonely husband is happy, he can come back home and will sleep well this night.

The next day, Gilbert, is waiting for his wife to come back but time is passing, and she is still not there. So, a bit desperate, he goes again for a drink. When he comes inside the pub all the customers are watching the black and white TV that is delivering only one information: The cosmonaut Neil Amstrong is on the moon. "It's a small step for the man, but a giant step for humanity".

Maybe the pendulum had mixed different information together as the couple's name was "Moon", that will explain this error. At the end of the sixties, it was already difficult to manage all the information shared continuously by the humanity.

But the story ends well because Gilbert's wife came back one week later with lots of memories and some souvenir for her husband.

There's always a question for the pendulum

Will I be rich ?

Can I win the next football game ?

I like to walk in the forest looking for mushrooms. It's a funny game. But I like swimming in the pacific ocean too. It's so wonderful to be surrounded by about a hundred colorful fish. Trekking in the mountain is so good for health, it helps me to think about complex things and release my brain from bad things. I would like to try parachute, and just being floating in the air, looking the earth approaching slowly. And I would be very happy to see the Niagara falls and just going close to them. So, my lovely pendulum, do you think that it's a good idea to take vacations the next month ?

Different ways

Some are certainly a bit surrealistic

My dear pendulum, do you believe that I will be able to build a space ship as to go to Venus if I go to university ?

Is it possible to touch nose with tongue ?

Is my boyfriend going to buy me a red car for my birthday ?

Yesterday I was walking in the street and suddenly I bumped into an old friend. We were at school together. He explained to me that he was going to marry in just one week. He invited me to come. I said 'yes' because I cannot refuse. But my problem is that it's better not to go alone to this marriage and I don't know with who I can go. I spent all my night thinking about it and I had an idea: I can ask my neighbor. She is nice and funny and it's about three years we know each other. My question is: "Do you think it's a good idea ?".

Others are just simple questions

Do you think that matrix is a good love movie ?

Can I make a good fruit juice with bananas, kiwi and papaya ?

Online pendulum, should I go to buy some vegetables because my fridge is empty ?

Do you want a cup of coffee ?

Will I found the work of my dreams this year ?

Is there a possibility that I go living to the west coast ?

Do you like apple juice ?

Can I ask you a question ?

Keep in mind

Don't forget that the divination pendulum is just a game of chance.

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