Confidentiality policy

Your data

Your question to the Pendulum

We do not record the questions you ask to the pendulum. In addition, we use the internet Https protocol, which encrypts the data exchanged between you and our server. So you can feel free to ask any question.

Your question to the Crystal Ball

That's the same as the Pendulum. We don't record your questions.

The Love Test

It's again the same case, we don't record the names you test.


You can send us a message using the contact form. We will receive it by email. We do not store your email in a database.


All texts, images, animations, algorithms... etc, contained on this site belong to You can't copy or use them. But if you want to link to our site or even make a short quote from it, it is not a problem.

How the psychics tools work

This website is made only to entertain you. All the fortune reading tools are based on chance.