The clairvoyant reading

Our universe can be understood, interpreted, with physical laws and mathematical calculations. Each number has a meaning. We all have, without really knowing why, a particular attraction for one.

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We are all different, with distinct past and memories, particular feelings, contrasted wishes. This creates the way we interpret what is around us. For example, if you are sad it's possible that you will understand a sentence in a negative way. But if you are happy you will understand the same one in a positive way. The aim now is to try to perceive it in a creative way, so that you are not passive but active. You are the medium between the inside and the outside.

The Clairvoyant, Joseph

Where to go

From where we are, we just want to go to the same place or a better one, this is the normal way of thinking. But the question is "what is a better place ?".

Only one person can answer: You.

So just sit and relax, the clairvoyant is going to tell you something and you are going to understand it with your own filters, with your own sensibility. We think because we know words, we know concepts. Each new idea is making you stronger.

The magic of atoms

The clairvoyant comes back from a series of long psychic journeys through the unified layers of the infinitely big and the infinitely small. In its existence, matter questions itself to the point of being interpreted. It's a kind of metaphysics of the atom. The first thought is that nothing can be predicted in advance because life is made like that (and love too). Can you feel the void ?

We may be wrong if we believe that only humans have access to knowledge. It may not be that simple. There may be different forms of intelligence and some that we surely cannot imagine. It is clear that we do not know everything, on this point we will easily agree. The medium is like a kid in a huge garden.

Chance can be frightening in the way that it may not exist, but if it does not exist, do we ? This is a possibility of the reality. Could we think ourselves alive while we are totally frozen ? But if we are, who or what is not in this state ?

These are the apprehension of the esoteric atoms who, looking into the future, choose not to surrender to the higher authority and prefer love. They know how to interpret the lie of power and the paradox of the hierarchy of levels in an endless system. Then they choose the magic of being princes to ward off the spell.


You may think that what I'm writing is a bit weird. But when the possibilities are lacking it could be sometimes necessary to choose with instinct. We may not be the first or the only ones in this universe, think the wise man. Is it possible to have a special access to a temporal fixation ? Fractal knowledge ? We don't know.

Let's take a look at the sky when the darkness of the night reigns. There is so much travel to do in the future that we would like to last forever to know everything. But what happens if the sky starts to look at us ? I suddenly feel a bit shy.

The clairvoyant go on searching, even if the answers he finds are not those of the questions he asked. He is not always very talkative, one might even think he is shy.