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The Crystal Ball answers all your questions by Yes or No. But first you have to clear your head. Try to think about your place in the cosmos: You are on the earth, in the solar system, in the Milky Way, in the Virgo Supercluster, in the universe. Now you are ready to ask.

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The crystal ball story

A different time for fortune telling

The crystal ball is coming from a time when things were really different from now. These days everything is accessible online, live and without delay. It was not the case in the past. A thousand years before, it was an era where goblins were living in the wood. It was sometimes possible to see the graceful flight of a dragon in the sky. Druids were able to prepare special magic potions which were able to cure nearly everything (or make you fall in love). Sometimes, on the horizon, was running a unicorn. It was a good sign. The fairies knew everything about love, the elves were delicate beings. And the most important, the sorcerer owned crystal ball that were able to tell fortune.

But, as I told you, it was long time away.

Where the magic glass ball is coming from ?

It was discovered in a cave in the south zone of an island in the north of Africa. Two explorers were looking for a parchment that will indicate them the location of a youth fountain. They never found it but by chance they discovered the fortune ball. Its presence in this place is still a mystery. The two travelers were not psychics, and they weren't informed about the glass crystal ball potential supernatural powers.

Back in magical Paris

One of the explorer took the crystal ball with him (It was better than coming back with nothing) and when he returned to his home, he just dropped it on a table and forgot it.

The Thursday, as every week, his maid, Josephina D., is cleaning the house. She sees the new object, takes it carefully and begins to wipe it. Suddenly she notices a small light inside. She is a bit afraid but try it again. Josephina is daughter of a famous clairvoyant from Sevilla (in Spain) and has some knowledge about occultism and fortune reading. She understands quickly that she is in front of a fortune telling ball that is certainly able to reply to any question. The best way to be sure is to try it. She thinks about a question and repeats it slowly many times in her head as she swipes again the ball. The reply appears gradually inside. It's incredible, this object is able to tell fortune !

What happen next ?

Josephina decides to keep secret her discovery. As Christmas is coming she asks her boss if it is possible that she buys the crystal ball, as a present for her daughter, Sonia D. The man responds affirmatively without any hesitation because his house is already full of useless objects coming from all around the world.

After this gift, Sonia's life changes totally. With her new fortune reading abilities she becomes more than rich. The rest of her life she travels all around the world. She falls in love many times. And she makes lots of good friends. At the end she dies very old and happy.

The online crystal ball

From hand to hand

To the west

We don't know everything about the history of crystal ball. It disappeared for years. Then in 1908 we find her trace again.

At this time it belongs to a fortune teller named Elsa M. She is part of a group of people who are crossing America from east to west in search of a better life.

The sun is really hot, the sky is blue and there's no cloud, the only living presence are vultures flying around. The caravan made of carts, riders and walkers, is on the road since the early morning. Everybody is tired, but they have to go on, there is no other option. Suddenly, the canyon where they are, separates in two different ways. One of the group leaders says:

- "I think we have to follow the left way."

Another one says:

- "I think the right way is the good one."

So begins a discussion, and everybody has a distinct opinion. Half an hour later, they didn't found a solution and the men and even the women are ready to fight. Then Elsa, who stayed quiet all the time, stands up and says:

- "Listen to me, brothers and sisters. We can ask my crystal ball. She will drive us."

Everybody is thinking that this option is the good one. Otherwise, the debate will never end. So, a bit under pressure, the fortune teller takes the magic ball and puts it in front of the group.

She looks at it with intensity and says:

- "Which path you think we have to take ?"

Suddenly appear these important words inside:

- "I don't know."

There's a long silence and everybody is speechless. Then they begin again to shout. Some say that it's just deception. Others say that it means that each way is equal. But, in all cases, the sun was about to set and it was time to prepare the camp for the night, make fire, cook some food, play some music and drink some beers and some whiskey because the day has been really hard.

Weather prediction

New owner

Elsa M. exchanges the crystal ball for a horse with a friend because she was a bit tired of always walking and the distances in the west of the Americas are sometimes huge.

The old friend, Sonia S., goes back home excited by this new purchase. She puts down the magic object on a table and lights a fire in the chimney in order to heat some water. She goes to the kitchen and takes a handful of various special herbs as to use them in an infusion. The water boils and after a few more minutes the drink is finally ready. Elsa hold her cup with the left hand and is ready to ask her first question to the fortune reading object.

She comes near the ball and look at it with intensity. A sweat drop fall from her forehead ( because the brew is very hot ). Without waiting, she begins to talk in these terms:

- "Predict me the future and tell me if tomorrow the weather will be sunny."

The answer appears directly: "Yes."

The woman is amazed, as if she is watching her first weather forecast on TV. This may sounds strange to you who are currently used to quickly check online this simple information every day, but at this time, it was totally magic.

The next day

After a beautiful sunny day, Sonia comes back home. She is a bit tired because she has been working in the garden all day. It's spring and there's plenty to do. Before resting in a comfortable chair with her usual herbal tea, she wants to first use again the glass crystal ball. She pronounces slowly these words:

- "Princess of the future, can you tell me if tomorrow it will rain ?"

And the reading is immediate: "No."

The old woman is happy, as she is tired now she will let the linen outside and will take care of it only tomorrow.


It is raining all the day, from the morning to the evening. Sonia feels fooled. The linen is all wet. She looks at the crystal ball and she is angry. She grabs it and puts it away in a closet so that she will never use it again. Did the fact that the woman has known that it had been sunny most of the day on the other side of the mountains, just a few miles away, could have changed something ?

We'll never know ... But maybe we can ask the crystal ball about this !

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