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Astragalomancy method

Here we use the dice to answer a yes or no question. It is also possible to use them for more accurate predictions. Below you will find a text that gives some indications on how to proceed. This document is coming from the Perth Amboy evening news of October 1923 which had a special page for Halloween. You will get some special practice divination practices as a bonus !

Divination With Dice

If you want to look into the future with the help of dice, you must first draw a circle on a table with a piece of chalk. Use three dice, and shake them with the left hand, throwing them so that all shall fall within the circle.

If one should remain on top of another, it would mean bad luck. Fulfillment of predictions, one should rather say forecasts, obtained in this manner at Hallowe’en will always come within nine days. The numbers thrown with the dice give the following indications:


Playing Cards As Prophets

There are still the cards to fall back upon for Hallowe’en divination. Gypsies declare that they are more reliable than any other means of foretelling the future. According to their rule, only eight of each suit should be used, and they ought never to be shuffled or dealt by the person whose "fortune" is to be told. He, or she, should cut them, however.
Then the cards may be read as follows, for each of the four suits:

Fortune Telling By Dominoes

Dominoes as a means of prophecy at Hallowe’en are not less reliable than the dice but one must know how to read them. The way to manipulate them for purposes of divination is to lay them face down and shuffle them together, afterwards drawing one and placing it face up.Do the same thing with two others, but no more. Fulfillment may be expected within nine days, the meanings being as follows:

What An Egg Will Reveal

If, at Hallowe’en, you would consult the oracle of the egg, take one that has been laid within forty-eight hours, and, having carefully separated the yolk from the white, drop the latter Into a tumbler half full of water. Then place the tumbler aside, uncovered, and leave It alone for a day, at the end of which it will be in readiness for the mysterious experiment. Treated in this way, the white of an egg forms itself into strange figures, each of which has its peculiar meaning. If you know how to read it.

For example, a circle means that money is coming to you; a triangle is a journey which you will have to take before long, and an anchor signifies success in a business enterprise. A cross is a warning of something unpleasant that is going to happen.

Something of the future may be revealed by a few drops of melted lead dropped into cold water. They will form curious figures, suggestive if events that are destined to occur.

For instance, a fish means good news that will come to you from across the water; a dog indicates a faithful friend; a human figure signifies marriage; a snake is an enemy; a crescent is high honor to be anticipated; a coffin is danger that threatens; a star is happiness and success; a tree is lasting good health, and clouds are hopes that will not be fulfilled.

Similar readings of the future can be made with tea-leaves, which, when they remain on the bottom or sides of one’s cup after drinking the contents, give valuable indications. With coffee grounds it is the same, only that the coffee cup must be carefully turned upside-down over a saucer, because all drops that remain are tears to be shed.