Fortune tellers fun

I can predict a smile on your face.

Last time I met a friend and he told me:
"I was near to have a psychic girlfriend but she left me before the first meeting..."


Yesterday I met a psychic and he was really clever. He told me:
"I can read minds and I actually know what you are thinking: You don't believe me."
He was true...


Christine goes to see a famous fortune teller. She asks him about her future, specially in the love area.
The clairvoyant says "There's two beautiful and smart men who are totally in love with you."
Then Christine asks "Who is going to be the lucky one?"
The fortune teller says "John will marry you, and Stefan will be the lucky one."


A man go to see a psychic:
- You can ask me only two questions.
- That's all ?
- Yes. What is your second question ?