Online fortune

Click on the Magic 8 Ball

What is a Magic 8 Ball ?

In real life, it is a spherical shaped object that imitates the visual of a black ball in a billiard game. If you shake it, then an answer appears inside.
Online, the concept is the same except that you just click on the 8-ball.

Why use the magic ball?

There can be as many reasons as there are humans on our planet, because everyone has a different question to ask. Let's see some examples.

As you can see, the magic ball will always be there to help you in critical situations.

The Magic 8 Ball

Where to use the Magic 8 Ball ?

It doesn't really matter. If you access it from your cell phone, then anything is possible.

Of course, you shouldn't use it while driving or any other dangerous activity that requires concentration (But you already knew that).