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Click on the Magic 8 Ball

How to use the magic 8 ball

What is a Magic 8 Ball ?

In real life, it is a spherical shaped object that imitates the visual of a black ball in a billiard game. If you shake it, then an answer appears inside.
Online, the concept is the same except that you just click on the 8-ball.

Why use the magic ball?

There can be as many reasons as there are humans on our planet, because everyone has a different question to ask. Let's see some examples.

As you can see, the magic ball will always be there to help you in critical situations.

Where to use the Magic 8 Ball ?

It doesn't really matter. If you access it from your cell phone, then anything is possible.

Of course, you shouldn't use it while driving or any other dangerous activity that requires concentration (But you already knew that). The Magic 8 Ball

A 8 ball story

Sunday afternoon

It is Sunday afternoon, David D. and his girlfriend, Isabel F. are a bit bored. It's nearly 14 o'clock, and the young guy offers his sweetheart to go for a coffee while enjoying a delicious blueberry pie. The woman is enchanted by the idea and put on her last fashionable flip-flops. Then they go together in search of the first open bakery. When they arrive at the "sugar palace", they buy two pieces of cherry crumble (because there are no more blueberry pie left). Then they slowly go back to their apartment when their attention is catch by a poster on a wall. It is about an incredible fairground, and that happens now. They have nothing to do so they decide to go there.

The fairground

Here they are in a festive atmosphere. First of all, the man absolutely wants to go to the haunted house. It reminds him his childhood. Isabel is not very exited but accepts to follow him because she really loves him. The young woman is a bit scared and she does not fail to scream several times while monsters, skeletons and strange animals surround them. Then it is her turn to choose the next attraction. She wants to go to the ferris wheel. The view is amazing when they are at the very top. Our two lovers walk from one attraction to another for more than two hours. The night is coming, so it's time to come back home. But David suddenly notice a shooting-range. He absolutely wants to try.

The young man focuses on the inflatable balloons that are shaking in front of him. He is able to touch the first, the second and the third one. He's very proud. His prize is a "Pikachu" keychain. This is a gift for kids. Then he decides not to take it and instead to try to shoot again to get a better prize.

He wins again. The new prize is a "magic 8-ball". He doesn't know what it is, but Isabel does. She explains the principle and begs him to offer it to her. David is obviously very happy and gives her the gift.

The magic ball 8

The two lovers are back home. The impatient woman unpacks the gift, a black sphere with an 8 on one side (like a billiard ball) and a blue triangle on the other side. Excited, she explains to her boyfriend the way to use it: You have to think about a question, then to shake the 8-ball for an answer to appear in the blue triangle. You can imagine that David is very septic, but he wants to try for sure.

Isabel starts first:

- Am I the most beautiful?
The answer is direct:
- Yes.

The woman is so happy that a wide smile appears on her face. She then says:
- I told you, this game is really fun and it works!
The boyfriend has no other choice than to agree with the result. He wants to try too.

- Will it rain tomorrow?
- Certainly.

David wants to check, so he takes his smart-phone and searches for the weather forecast. Surprisingly, the magic 8 ball's prediction is true. The man feels a bit confused. Isabel is really enthusiastic and wants to play again.

- Will I get a raise at my job?
- There's a good chance.

This news is received with a great joy. David is a scientist. So he wants to push the 8-ball to its limits.

- Is the earth flat?
- No.
- Is the universe infinite?
- Maybe.

David stops for a second.... He has a doubt about the answer. He makes a quick search on Internet but doesn't understand everything. It seems that scientists are getting a bit confused on this subject.

The young woman wants to try again:
- Do I have to go to the hairdresser tomorrow?
- I think so.

Isabel goes to the bathroom, looks at herself in the mirror for around 2 minutes and comes back, convinced that she has to make an appointment tomorrow in the morning.

- Are there other life forms on other planets?
- Certainly.

David exclaims loudly, "I was so sure! No one wants to believe me, but I am convinced that we are not alone." The young woman is more and more excited and asks:

- Will I have to work with Mr. Spoon, the most horrible customer I've ever had at work, for a long time?
- I would be surprised.

Isabel is so joyful that she jumps in the air.
David continues in the scientific field.

- Will there ever be flying cars?
- Yes.

Joseph takes two minutes to think... Airplanes are flying cars !
Isabel takes again the 8-ball in her hands and while shaking it she says:

- Will I have children?
- No.

She is suddenly shocked. Her face becomes really white and it's possible to feel the pressure rising. And suddenly she starts crying. David told her to calm down. He tries to explain to her that this magic 8-ball is only a game. To try to appease his girlfriend, he says:

- I'm going to ask the 8 ball another question: 2+2=5?
- Yes.

The answer is a liberation.

- You see, my love, it's just entertainment.

Little by little, the young woman calmed down and ended up laughing at the situation. It's time to eat, tomorrow starts a new week again. Thanks to the fair, it was a slightly different Sunday from the others.