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Let's have some fun

The 8-ball team tries to answer some crazy questions.

Why cats don't like water?

- Well, I have no idea. I searched the Internet but the answers did not convince me. Moreover, they don't like water but they love fish. It is a bit paradoxical. If you have a good theory on this subject, feel free to share it by sending us a message.

Why is the sky blue and not black?

- This is because the light is filtered through the atmosphere. If this one didn't exist, then we'd see the same thing we see at night. I know it sounds a bit strange: A black sky when it's daytime.

Is anyone thinking about me right now?

-Yes! Your best friend: The magic ball!

I have a question

Should I choose my holiday destination in relation to the climate?

-Everything is possible, but going to Costa Rica during the rainy season can have an impact on your activities. Generally, people are more attracted by hot countries but snow is funny too. A note for those who want to go to northern Vietnam: You might think that it is a country where the temperature is always above 25° but the true is that in winter, in the mountains, it can be really cold. But nowadays, there are no more seasons, my grandmother used to say.

Is spring a good season for love?

-Yes, as well as summer, winter and autumn.

Will I be complimented about my dress today?

-This dress suits you very well. You look like a Hollywood star.

Is it possible to breathe underwater if you were born in Atlantis?

-"bllblblblblopbloplbl" (It may be possible to breathe but talking underwater is tricky).

Will I fall in love this summer?

-There is a 90% chance.

Is it possible that the actual reality is virtual?


Do I really have to assemble this Ikea furniture alone and without help?

-This is one of the most dangerous missions that the 8-ball knows. Just in case, buy some aspirin. We wish you good luck.

More questions to the magic ball

Is there a life after death?

-We really have no idea about that. And what about that: A life before death?

Is the Caribbean Sea always hot?

-I think so. The best thing to do is to go there and test it by yourself! There are, for example, flights to Cancun from the world biggest cities that are not too expensive.

Does a hen run fast?

-It depends on its motivation.

The Magic 8 Ball

Will I win the lottery?

-Maybe. But chances are really,really low.

Is it possible to mix chocolate with sauerkraut?

-This culinary delight was achieved in 1856 by Barbara Sausagekroft. But this recipe did not have the expected success and it fell into oblivion.

Do aliens exist?

-My point of view is to answer in the affirmative even if there is no scientific evidence to prove it. But, for sure, there are a lot of stars and planets in our universe. Not to mention that many universes may also exist. So chances are high.
But the chances that they are at exactly the same moment of evolution as us are really much lower. But again this is just my opinion.

Will I meet love in Paris?

-There's a huge possibility.

Is Paris expensive?

-It's really expensive.

What to ask to the 8-ball?

Will I receive an email from my beloved?

-Don't worry about it. And stop checking your mailbox ever 5 minutes.

Do we really have to use eggs to make an omelette?

-I've heard about an omelette made from chestnuts, but it can be a bit 'heavy' to digest (except if you are a squirrel).

Will I find a solution to my problem?

-We believe in you.

Were the Romans really eating in bed?

-Some of them, yes. Some even forced themselves to vomit during the meal, so they could eat more. I know you think it's disgusting.

Can seals count to three?

-The last one I met was able to do multiplications but had trouble with divisions.

Is the 8-ball really magic?


Are carrots healthy?

-My rabbits friends confirm it. It's good for the skin, for eyesight, for the liver and for bones.

Will I fall in love in the next weeks?

-It is certain. Don't forget to not stay at home to meet new people.

Is it really freezing at the North Pole?

- Temperatures can drop to -43°C. We strongly advise you to buy a good pullover and a pair of gloves if you plan to travel there. You can forget flip-flops.

Always here

Would I be less bored if I go living in another city?

- Have you thought about Bangkok? It is also known as the "city of angels". It's one of my favorite places on our old planet. There's always something to do there and people are friendly.

Is there any way to cross a river without getting wet?

- It depends on whether you are the son of someone very powerful or not.

Can we accurately calculate the time it takes to avoid having to calculate it?

- This sounds really complicate.

Am I normal?

- Yes you are.

Is Monday the worst day of the week?

- It depends on you. If it is the case, that means that you may not feel good at work. But I don't want to analyze too much.