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Our psychic offers you a cup of coffee. It is very hot, so you wait a few minutes before drinking it. Once your beverage is finished, you give your cup to the old woman. She is now able to read fortunes in the coffee grounds.

What is Tasseography?

Tasseography is the art of reading the future in coffee grounds (or tea leaves). It appeared first in Europe at the same time as the import of these beans with stimulating properties began. This divinatory practice really spread in the 18th century. It is therefore a fairly recent method of divination in western countries.

Coffee reading is preferably made from a Turkish coffee (because the grounds is much more concentrated). You have to drink the beverage with your left hand and leave some at the bottom. Then you have to turn the cup slowly. The symbol, which will then appear, will allow the psychic to inform you about your future.

Coffee reading

Divinatory arts

The reading of the future is not only possible with coffee grounds. There are many other ways. Here are some examples:

The list is not complete but gives you an overview of what exists.

A few facts about coffee that you may not know

After all these information, that coffee grounds can be used to predict the future seems quite plausible to me!