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What is bibliomancy ?

Bibliomancy is a divinatory practice that consists in opening a book to a random page, then close your eyes and choose a passage. The text thus designated can be a prediction or an answer to a previously asked question.

Who can practice bibliomancy ?

Bibliomancy is not reserved for an elite. Anyone can practice it. The only limitation is your ability to interpret the randomly chosen passage. It may sometimes seem a little enigmatic to you. It is also quite possible that it means something clear. Finally, it is also likely that you will understand it only in the future.

How to practice bibliomancy ?

The easiest way is to use this website ! Simply click on the book cover and a passage will automatically be selected for you.
But you may also want to practice the experience in the real life. The approach is then as follows:


When was bibliomancy invented ?

This divinatory practice comes from antiquity. At that time it was common to use Homer's or Virgil's poems as a basis. The process of selecting a random text was the same as actually. It was common to ask a question and the selected passage was the answer.

From the 4th century, and during the Middle Ages, the clergy used to exercise bibliomancy with the Holy bible to guide their decisions. The Church repeatedly condemned this practice. But despite these prohibitions, it was still common.

In the Muslim world, the books of the Persian poet Hafez or the Koran were particularly appreciated in the practice of bibliomancy.

Bibliomancy versus other forms of divination

Bibliomancy versus Tasseography

Tasseography is the art of reading the future in coffee grounds, tea leaves or even wine sediments. While bibliomancy is based on the interpretation of a text, Tasseography is based on a visual reading. For example, in the case of coffee ground: First you have to drink a cup of this beverage leaving a small amount at the bottom. Then, turn the cup upside down on the saucer. Finally, you can analyze the form that has been drawn. The resulting symbol will give you a clear prediction. For example, if you see a snail, it means that you are likely to relocate in the very near future. This is the big difference with bibliomancy, you get a more precise divination but it's less romantic.

You can try Coffee Reading here.

Bibliomancy versus the Pendulum

The pendulum is an object consisting of a mass attached to a chain or a string. The principle is to hold the chain between your thumb and forefinger and ask a question. Normally it should start to oscillate (it sounds strange, but I have already tried and it really works, it is really swinging). The direction the pendulum turns will give you an answer. For example: If it turns clockwise, the answer is positive, otherwise it is negative. But it is better to ask the Pendulum first what are the codes because it can be reversed. Bibliomancy can be used to predict the future, but also to give an indication on how to solve a problem. It is on this second use that it has similarity with the pendulum. But the pendulum give a more concrete reply (yes or no).

If you want to know more about the pendulum, please follow this link.

Bibliomancy versus Cards

There are several types of card games that can be used to predict the future. This can be a simple ordinary 52 pack of cards, or, for example, a deck of 'Tarot de Marseille'. Cartomancy is a bit complicated. Each card has a meaning and their consecutive draw too. The interpretation of the drawing by the medium has a great importance. The use of the Tarot generally requires great knowledge and experience, unlike bibliomancy which can be much more intuitive.

You can try tarot cards to do a simple yes or no reading, here.


The divinatory arts are many and varied, but they are generally not in competition because they all have their specificity. If you want a quick positive or negative answer to a question, then the Pendulum will be your tool. If you believe in chance and want to know your destiny, then the Tarot reading is for you. Finally, if you want to learn more about your near future in a romantic way, bibliomancy will be easy to use, even if you are not accompanied by a professional.