Fortune teller online

Pendulum The pendulum
Magic ball 8 Magic ball 8
The fortune teller Fortune teller
The fortune teller Fortune teller
Crystal ball The crystal ball
The Clairvoyant, Joseph The clairvoyant
Love spell Cast a love spell
Love is all The love tester
Wheel of fortune Fortune Wheel
Tarot Yes or No Tarot Yes or No
Lucky coin YES or NO
Wish Fountain Wish fountain
Astragalomancy Yes or No Astragalomancy

The Pendulum Yes or No

It's an ancestral divination technique that can answer a question immediately. It consists of a mass suspended with a fine chain or a thread which will enable it to oscillate by making circles.

To use the divination pendulum you must be calm and, first of all, you need to think about your question so that it is clear for yourself. This one must allow an answer of the "yes or no" form. To reply the pendulum will oscillate in a specific way.

If it turns clockwise, the answer is positive. In the other sense, then it's negative. Going from the left to the right means a really strong positive and backwards to forwards a strong negative. Obviously, If the pendulum doesn't move, that means that it doesn't know.

It's free and you can use it as many times as you wish. The answer is each time immediate.

The pendulum
The fortune teller

The fortune teller readings

Peace, concentration and patience are the keys.

Our physical and psychic world is vast and a part is still undiscovered. To be able to understand and interpret it, the knowledge, the intuition and the real-life experiences are necessary. Traveling provides the fortune teller abilities to understand our societies, our cultures and to develop stronger medium powers. Jasmine will share with you interesting quotes that we call predictions or readings.


Sometimes the future seems confused. When things become strange, it is necessary to let them express their own meanings for a time, not to be too impatient. Then little by little you will open the doors to new knowledge.

The fortune teller
Crystal ball

Ask the crystal ball

The crystal ball is an object used for divination. The tradition says that if you think deeply about a question and you have the gift, then the answer will appear in the fortune ball.

First, you have to visualize clearly your query. It has to become like a picture floating in your mind. Then, when you are ready, ask the crystal ball, it will provide you a direct and express answer.

Don't hesitate to ask whatever you want, even if it's totally surrealist or crazy, it's good to have some fun sometimes. The magic ball will always respond.

The crystal ball
Astragalomancy Yes or No

Astragalomancy Yes or No

Get a direct and quick response with a roll of 2 dice. Your question must be in the form of "yes" or "no". No matter what it is, the dice have always an answer.

Divination by dice

Then, learn a little more about Astragalomancy, divination by dice, thanks to a document from our secret archives.

Bibliomancy online

Bibliomancy divination

Bibliomancy is a divinatory practice that consists in opening a book to a random page, then close your eyes and choose a passage.

Bibliomancy online

Our online bibliomancy is really easy to use. We have a virtual book, just open it and you will be guide to the future of divination.
It's to use at home, at work, at school and anywhere you can bring a smartphone.

Tarot Yes or No

Tarot Yes or No

The Tarot of Marseilles is here to help you find a quick "YES or NO" answer to your question.

Reading cards

Each major arcana can be associate with an immediate positive, negative or neutral response. You must think clearly about your question then, when you feel ready, you will have just to draw three cards to get your answer.

Tarot Yes or No
The Clairvoyant, Joseph

The clairvoyant guides you

Joseph is coming from the past to think about the future.

Everything is energy, time is the motor. There's something special blowing through the air. If you let your spirit reach freedom, then you will begin to feel it.

Life moves forward and each new intersections we have to make a choice that will alter what will come next. We are in the present, but at the same time in the beginning of the future.

The clairvoyant will ask you to choose a number. We generally all have one or several magic numbers. Sometimes they change with time (Mine actually is the 6, but some months before it was the 8). If you don't have one, then your subconscious will drive you.

The clairvoyant
Love spell

Cast a love spell online

Obviously, we can think that the majority of the people who live on this strange planet that is the earth, have a strong beating red heart and lots of desires. But the true is that we don't fall in love every day. Here is a strange paradox and it seems that Cupid does not care at all. So we are going to try to change the fate in our interest.

Some help

If you have some problems with love, we propose you to cast a spell online to help you. But if it is not enough, we also offer some tips that could help you succeed in the domain of affection.

Cast a love spell
Coffee Reading Online

Coffee Reading

Most of us start the day with one or two cups of coffee.
But did you know that you can read the future with the coffee grounds that remain at the bottom of your cup ?

We offer you a virtual version of this intriguing and original clairvoyance that use coffee grounds to predict the future.

So sit down at our table and enjoy this famous drink before our seer tells you more about your future.

Coffee Reading
Love is all

The online love test

Love is always surprising. It's very hard to know when, how, why and where it's going to appear. It's a delicious mix of body sensations, brain feelings, instinct and intelligence.

Our engine is built to calculate the real attraction between two people. We don't care about seasons or weather. We use software, complex technology, rose water and elf powder as the union of science and nature. The moon and the sun are parts of the parameters. The love test results are sometimes unexpected.

If you touch the ocean water with one finger and have a weird sensation, it's normal. True love and attraction are the only game. Try it now !

The love tester
Wheel of fortune

Spin the wheel of fortune

It reminds me my childhood when I was going Sunday afternoon with my parents to the funfair. There was this big wheel of fortune that you had to turn and depending on where it stopped it was possible to win a prize or simply lose.

Our wheel is a bit different, it will help you to make a choice by stopping on three different possibility: YES, NO, MAYBE.

So if you want to have fun playing with chance, do not hesitate to turn the wheel !

Wheel of fortune
A fortune cookie

Open a fortune cookie

Welcome to our virtual Chinese restaurant.

It's the end of the dinner and it was simply delicious. Now it's time to relax and drink a coffee. The waiter brings the small and hot energizing beverage including a dry and not ordinary little cake. It is what we called a fortune cookie. You break it and discover a prediction. You read it and you are surprised with so much wisdom. You share the quote with your friends sitting around the table. Some of them seem to be intrigued when some others are just gently laughing. Obviously, now you can eat the little cookie.

Our Chef is cooking with natural ingredients and without sugar addition so be sure that our cakes are totally fat free ! We hope you enjoyed the time and you will come again soon.

Fortune cookie
Lucky coin

The yes or no fortune teller

You will not find a simpler way to reply a question. This is just like flipping a coin.

You have a problem and you want a quick answer. You feel like what ever are your considerations, it's just impossible to choose. Then this game is done for you.

You are going to start a football game and want to choose which team is going to kick the ball first. Then this game is for you too.

Did you know that even in politics, in some countries, when two candidates poll equal number of votes the coin flip is used to determine a winner !

You can use the virtual yes or no generator as many times as you want. It's your best option if you don't have a coin or just if you simply prefer the virtual world. Just try it !